Architectural Window Tinting – View our Solar Control Films and Anti-Graffiti Protection

Solar Control Films

Tintin Autos films are not just for vehicle use. The diverse nature of our films means that they can be used on flat glass for offices, commercial and residential buildings and are available in a wide range of shades, colours and light transmissions to fulfil any requirement. SOLAR CONTROL FILMS are practical as they dramatically reduce summer heat build up and an application will pay for itself through the energy savings the film creates. They provide a cost effective alternative to other heat reducing elements such as air conditioning systems. Air conditioning costs are reduced and hot & cold spots are eliminated. It will also reduce the suns glare without blocking the view or natural light. Our window film comes with a manufactures warranty that guarantees replacement of any film that does not perform to specification.


Anti-Graffiti Protection.

There is nothing worse than a ruined surface especially when it has been vandalised by graffiti! We at Tintin Autos provide a service which aims to protect against this. Our Anti-graffiti protection film provides the perfect solution to all those nasty elements that can spoil a beautiful surface. Anti-Graffiti protection protects solid, absorbent and painted surfaces against graffiti attack and other contamination such as stickers, chewing gum, bird droppings and traffic film build up. To ensure that you receive the highest quality anti-graffiti protection, the protective coating is brushed or sprayed onto the area requiring treatment which bonds to the surfaces. All coatings have a guaranteed minimum life of five years.

To ensure that each customer leaves with 100% satisfaction we use the highest quality materials produced for the film industry. All tints have a high concentrate of scratch resistant coating and the method which we use, in which we apply the film to the glass, ensures that the finish is as good as factory tinted quality.